Marksheffel Road South

Project Status

Design was completed in 2015, and a construction contract awarded to Wildcat Construction at the end of 2015.  Construction is underway and is anticipated to be completed in summer 2017.  Phasing of construction will require road closures and detours to reconstruct portions of the roadway.  Notices of pending closures and detours will be provided as appropriate.

Reopening of West Leg and Closure of East Leg of Space Village Rd and Marksheffel Rd Intersection - Construction of the west leg of the Space Village Intersection has been completed and reopened to traffic. The east leg of the intersection and the section of Space Village Road between the Space Village Intersection and SH 94 is now closed to construct the eastern half of the intersection and the roadway between PAFB gate and Space Village. Traffic will be detoured to SH 94. Space village traffic  from the west may access Marksheffel but the through movement across the intersection will be closed until the intersection is completed. During this period, the northbound to westbound movement onto Space Village will be precluded. This movement will be detoured to the SH 94 intersection.  Completion of this portion will depend on ongoing utility relocations and weather, but is expected to continue at least through the end of the year.

Road Closure

Marksheffel South — Reopening of US 24 to SH 94 - The closed portion of Marksheffel Road between US 24 and SH 94 is scheduled to be reopened to traffic at approximately 11:00 A.M. on Monday March 13.  The road is being reopened about two weeks earlier than originally planned.  The contractor, Wildcat Construction, was able to take advantage of the unseasonable weather and complete this construction ahead of the original planned reopening date of March 26.

Even though the road will be opened to traffic, construction work will continue in this area and at the intersections of US 24 and SH 94.  Lane shifts through this area are planned and will be facilitated as required by traffic control devices and flaggers. During this interim lane configuration, southbound left turns from Marksheffel Rd at SH 94 will be prohibited and detoured to the Space Village Intersection.   Similarly, northbound left turns from Marksheffel Rd at SH 94 will also be prohibited and detoured to US 24. Drivers should use caution in driving through the construction zone. Some of the remaining work at the intersections will include energizing new signals and removal of the old signal poles.  This work is anticipated to commence next week and is anticipated to take a couple of weeks to complete.

Marksheffel South — Intersection construction at SH 94  and associated road closures & detours - Reconstruction of the Intersection of SH 94 is the next major construction activity that must be completed.  The intersection elevation and configuration is being changed to accommodate the widened Marksheffel Road and the new roadway profile through the intersection. This work will require the intersection work to be completed in phases.  During this construction, additional road closures, turning movement restrictions, and detours are anticipated. 

The initial Marksheffel Rd/SH 94 intersection construction phase will reconstruct the west half of the intersection and will require a closure of SH 94 west of Marksheffel Road from the intersection to US 24.  During this phase, traffic will be detoured to the intersection of Marksheffel Rd and US 24. This work is anticipated to take approximately one and one-half weeks to complete and is anticipated to start on Thursday March 16 and be completed by the end of the month.  Traffic on Marksheffel Rd will then be rerouted to the completed west half of the intersection and the closed portion of SH 94 will be reopened.  Construction of the east half of the intersection will then commence and is anticipated to take approximately two weeks to be completed and reopened to traffic.  During the construction of the east half of the intersection, it is anticipated that SH 94 between Space Village and Marksheffel Rd will be closed and eastbound and westbound traffic detoured through the Space Village/Marksheffel Rd intersection.

During these critical construction phases, drivers should expect delays, lane shifts, restrictions to turning movements, intermittent lane closures, and detours necessary to facilitate the construction. Alternate routes, if possible, are recommended during this critical intersection construction phase. Every effort will be made to advance the schedule, if possible, but the work required is significant and could be impacted by adverse weather conditions.


Proposed Improvements

The proposed improvements are broken into four zones:

  • Zone 1 – US 24 to Peterson Air Force Base (PAFB) east gate – this section will be reconstructed to 4 lanes with auxiliary lanes and signal modifications at the intersections.
  • Zone 2 - PAFB east gate to Drennan – this section will be reconstructed as a 2 lane section with shoulders.  Portions of this section will follow the existing roadway, and portions will follow a new alignment that will eliminate the sharp horizontal curves, and improve the vertical profile, resulting in an increase in the overall safety along this stretch. The north leg of the Drennan Road intersection will be reconfigured accordingly.
  • Zone 3 – This zone picks up at the end of the existing 4 lane section south of Bradley and extends to the future Mesa Ridge Parkway connection.  This section will be constructed as a 2 lane section with a continuous center turn lane and shoulders.
  • Zone 4 – Extends from the future Mesa Ridge Parkway connection to Link Rd/C&S intersection – This section will remain a 2 lane section but will be reconstructed to add shoulders and to reconfigure the severe horizontal curve just east of the Link Rd/C&S intersection.  This zone is being constructed in conjunction with the capital project but is being funded with PPRTA maintenance funds.

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Construction Activities Underway

  • Utility Relocations
  • Clearing & Grubbing operations
  • Fencing
  • Installation of Drainage structures and culverts
  • Earthwork and grading operations
  • Manhole adjustments
  • Potholing operations
  • Surveying
  • Road construction in Zones 3 &4 - Construction in zones 3 and 4 have resulted in a narrowing of the travel lanes and a reduced speed limit through the construction zone.
  • Road construction for Zones 2A and 2B will commence in May with extended Road Closure between Drennan Rd and PAFB East Gate.

Project Team

El Paso County, WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, AECOM, Wildcat Construction
Key Stakeholders include City of Fountain, City of Colorado Springs, CDOT, Peterson Air Force Base

Project Schedule
Design 2013-2015
Property Acquisition 2014-2016
Construction 2016-2017

Project Budget
$31,428,015 (PPRTA)


The Marksheffel South project was originally envisioned as a capacity improvement project that would widen the roadway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. Learn more »

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