Marksheffel Road South


The Marksheffel South project was originally envisioned as a capacity improvement project that would widen the roadway from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. The original project was proposed to voters based on traffic flow and safety needs. Over the years, conditions in the area have changed and plans for the land use around the road are in flux. Economic conditions, current and projected adjacent land uses, as well as current land use speculation, has required a close look at the corridor's future functionality.

The major elements of this study include the preparation of a Planning and Environmental Linkage Study, which is not a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) document. Rather, its purpose is to provide the necessary transportation planning and early decision-making for the Marksheffel South corridor that can provide the basis for future projects and NEPA studies within the study area. As a "link" between planning and NEPA, this study will focus upon the development of a specific purpose and need and on sufficient environmental and cost analyses as well as public and agency involvement to evaluate and eliminate alternatives and arrive at a preferred alternative.

View the Marksheffel Road South Corridor Preservation Plan

Tasks within this study include:

  • Development of a purpose and need
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development and screening of alternatives
  • Selection of the preferred alternative
  • Estimation of planning-level costs
  • Documentation of a draft and final PEL
  • Public outreach
SUMMER 2012: Data Collection and
Purpose and Need; FALL 2012: Develop and Screen Alternatives; FALL 2012/WINTER 2013: Select Preferred Alternative; SPRING 2013: Publish Draft
and Final PEL

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