Marksheffel Road South


Project Goal

The overall goal of this project is to identify and prioritize improvements needed to address capacity and safety along Marksheffel Road. The initial phase of the project will involve a planning study to access and document the transportation and safety improvement needs of the corridor, as well as to identify the environmental linkages/concerns that will impact the selection of a preferred alternative. This planning study will be a collaborative process with other governmental entities along the corridor and is intended to document the specific purpose and need for improvements, solicit public and stakeholder input, develop and screen a range of reasonable alternatives, and identify a preferred alternative.

Project Background

This project was originally envisioned as a widening project from 2 lanes to 4 lanes. Recent conditions in the area have changed, including plans for future redevelopment on parcels near the study area. Given these uncertain conditions, the County is seeking to work with government agencies, major landholders and the public along this corridor to determine a solution for the corridor.

The Plan

The product of the planning phase will be a Planning and Environmental Linkage Study, which considers environmental, community and economic goals early in planning and carries them through project development, design and construction and a Corridor Plan which will depict the preferred alternative. This effort helps minimize duplication of effort and reduce delays in implementing the project goals.

Study Sponsor

El Paso County is leading this project, in coordination with the City of Colorado Springs, City of Fountain, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Peterson Air Force Base.

Project Location

The project limits extend from US 24 to Link Road, just south of the future connection of Mesa Ridge Parkway with Marksheffel Road.

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